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A Sanctuary in a Sea of Sprawl

How birdsacre came to exist and endure is a story of perserverance and second chances.

Maine Boats, Homes, & Harbors


The Bird Artist

One of Maine’s best birders is a teenager–and maybe the next David Sibley.

Down East


All the Town’s a Stage

A restored opera house has brought new life to a remote fishing village.

Down East


The Spices of Life

Take a teaspoon of turmeric and call me in the morning.

Ode Magazine


How Safe is Your Cellphone?

Some studies are sounding the alarm.

Ode Magazine


In Kids We Trust

What happens when children have a say in their own education?

Ode Magazine


Are You Getting Enough Sun?

Studies suggest Vitamin D can help prevent cancer and infections.

Ode Magazine


Where the Wildflowers Are

Botanist Wanda Garland shows people the beauty right under their feet.

Down East Magazine


How to Stop Terrorism

An interview with Howard Zinn.

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