Terrific Timelines

Whiting Village’s tiny, three-room school bustles with creativity. Stephanie Higgins used Extreme Survivors: Animals That Time Forgot to create this great timeline with her students in grades 2 through 4.

Check out the way Stephanie brought together geologic time, the ancient animals in my book, and clear learning goals:

“I understand that complicated life forms evolved from simple life forms.”

“I understand that these animals are extreme survivors because they have special qualities.”

“I can name one special quality for each of the ‘survivors’ on this chart.”

They sure could. Stephanie’s students dazzled me with their reports on their favorite animals in Extreme Survivors when I visited Whiting Village School!

For more ideas on using Extreme Survivors in your classroom, you can download my Readers Guide and these great activity sheets from Island Readers and Writers.

photos courtesy of Island Readers & Writers

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